Clerar liqued from the vagina

The days after period are considered as dry days. Changes in color, odor, or consistency may be a sign of a health condition. As the hormones start swirl, clear watery discharge during puberty is considered pretty normal and nothing to worry about. There may be more discharge if you are ovulating, breastfeeding, or sexually aroused. Is This Really a Sign of Pregnancy? Irina. Age: 21. I am a privately educated Anna who enjoys culture and fine wines and just loves to provide the ultimate girlfriend experience (GFE) Brandi. Age: 24. Curious?.... Please contact me.

Help! Im worried about this Clear Watery Fluid Gushing out of my Vagina?

Depending upon the examination, the health-care professional may take swabs of the vaginal discharge for culture or for examination under a microscope to help define the cause of the vaginal discharge. It is not possible to completely prevent vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, because the conditions arise due to an imbalance in the bacteria and organisms normally present in the vagina and their cause is not completely understood. It may contain white spots and is generally odorless. Always keep a balanced and healthy diet and drink lots of liquids especially water. At some times of the month, discharge may be thin and watery, and at other times, it may become thicker and stickier. Some women may experience heavier amounts of discharges than others. Around ovulation, the increased production of cervical mucus may cause the discharge to become clear and stretchy, with a texture often compared to raw egg whites. Vaginal discharge helps keep your vagina clean and free from infection. Here's the science bit. Poundland Now Does Sex Toys. We have been helping women and men lead happier, healthier sexual lives since

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Vaginal_ | Vaginal discharge

Thank you muswom for both of your posts - and this time it's me who apologizes for the long delay But mines not related to being stimulated sexually. Took another this afternoon that was negative and the digital was also negative. I do think the body acts in ways for its own systematic reasons that keep it healthy and balanced. Your help is highly solicited. Gave me antibiotics for a week and the gushing of clear fluid has stopped.

Why do I have discharge?


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