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For example, if your child pulls your cat's fur, remove his hand, tell him that it hurts the cat when he does that, and show him instead how to pet. Emma my daughter is usually pretty good about cooperating and not arguing. This type of parenting really does work. By then I have given up and Amelia is in her room throwing tantrums and I am laying in bed in tears. We are open to any advice, thank you! On several occasions when I have gone to pick her up, she was in the timeout square. Aurelia. Age: 19. 5'7", 120lbs Marry. Age: 28. Hello gentlemen, my name is Sabine and I look forward to giving you the experience of a lifetime

How Can Parents Discipline Without Spanking?

The other item indicates whether the mother hit her child during the home observation. You can begin giving choices as soon as the child can experience the consequence of his behavior. And when those fall apart, they too fall back to a system of reprimand that has been passed down for thousands of years. Like something had been lost. Parents cannot use natural consequences if the health or safety of the child is involved. Then, this information can be used to make an informed choice to avoid spanking and use other effective discipline methods, such as those listed above. The importance of avoiding spanking as a child discipline method Thursday, 15 March Mental health Child abuse Corporal punishment spanking. The same can be done laying on the bed relaxed, but kneeling on the bed brings back that same issue of muscle tension. Many parents think so, but most specialists would say there is little evidence to support such claims.

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Top 10 Ways to Discipline without Spanking | To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Think of this post every time you hit them. Lots of people are into love taps — over-the-knee or tangled up in intercourse, one item on the foreplay buffet or the main event. My parents used an old metal car antenna. Many parents who have hit their child express regret afterward and wish they had tried some other method of discipline. As for how to perform the spanking, there are lots of ways to do it!

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