My First Breville Espresso Machine

From the Italians we get the highly applauded Breville espresso maker which seems to have captured the attention f so many people who can all agree that this one is the king. I got my first super automatic espresso machine back when I was working for a writing firm. I had quotas to fill and not much time to do it.

Best Espresso Machine For Me

There is something about the taste of coffee that is good that will make you recognize bad craftsmanship when you taste bad coffee. Therefore, I saw the need to get a coffee maker that was the best in the market.

The Search For The Perfect Espresso Maker

After asking around from the sellers to the users of these machines, I found that they all either had some machine recommended by a friend. Most of them were settling for less and because that’s not what I do, I decided to go a little ‘nuts’ with the research.

I finally found it nestled in the shelves of the mall. The standout design and the way that the Breville espresso machines looks just sets it apart. You can tell that you are looking at an ingenious espresso machine. That was the first time I got the machine.

Why I Sing So Much About Breville Espresso Machines?

Whenever my friends get around to the topics of espresso and coffee makers, they always say that I sound like am pitching the Breville machine so much, like I am trying to sell it to them. Well, I can partially attribute that to the fact that I love the machine.

The other thing is that I have taken the time to walk around the offices and serve myself coffee from anything other than Breville just for comparison. Maybe it’s my tongue or palate that has gotten used to really god coffee but everything else, while good, seems to lack a vital ingredient that gives you the zing.