Tips On Buying A Kitchen Knife Set Online

The most common thing that people struggle when buying clothes online is finding the perfect size and fitting. They usually do this because they don’t have the time to shop outside which is understandable these days. It’s the same with kitchen knives as well. People struggle to find a good kitchen knife set for themselves. The important thing that you have to keep in mind is to stay positive. Try to look out for these important features.

Read Up Knife Blogs
There are many bloggers who blog about cookware and even kitchen knives. The only thing you need to do is search and type the write keywords. This will not only give you exposure towards different type of kitchen knives but it will also give you a rough idea about the price of a great kitchen knife set. There are the legendary and effortless German Wusthof knives and the light and sharp Japanese Shun knives which is popular among everyday home cooks. Remember what you want in a kitchen knife set and see if any of the recommended fit them.

Ratings By Customers
Reading ratings such as the ones on Amazon can really help you make a decision. They’re really helpful in describing their experience and they also include pictures as proof. Sometimes, expert chefs even rate the knives online and they will also compare with other brands. You can also collect information from here. If a kitchen knife set has a rating of 4 stars and above, you’re definitely getting a great deal. Stay safe and always buy from a trusted seller as I am sure that you don’t want to lose your money.

Ask For Opinions
If you’re still unsure about a particular kitchen knife set, you can comment on the ratings of a customer and question them about your uncertainties. You should also ask around your family members and friends as you would not know if they have experience set or not. If possible, try to leave comments on the knife blogs. I’m sure that they would be thrill to answer you questions.

Youtube Reviews
There are many demonstrations on kitchen knife sets online. As YouTube has become popular with makeup and fashion tutorials, many popular chefs have also taken the opportunity to showcase different kitchen knife sets online. They will try them out and review each knives in the kitchen knife set. It’s very educational and you get to see the potential of each knives as they will slice through many different things on camera to prove the sharpness and durability of the knives. Some even compare the good and the bad between the best kitchen knife sets.

Buying a kitchen knife set online is not hard. You have to remember to keep asking questions and jot down important information such as the weight, the balance of the knives, the longevity of the block, the warranty, and even what type of blade is the knife made from. The most important step in maintaining all the knives in a kitchen knife set is to dry them before storing them away.

The Hardest Chef Knife Decision

Since I have been searching for a new chef knife, where better to find it then the internet. Especially when there are many knife review blogs these days. Due to the amazing chef knives reviews online, I have narrowed down my options to two great knives. They are the Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife and the Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife. A German and a Japanese brand.

The Wusthof Chef’s Knife

Wusthof chef knife

This chef knife looks very classy and traditional through the photos. It has a full tang blade that the handle is secured to it with three rivets. This will give a more secure feeling to the user. It also has a full bolster in the middle. The addition of the bolster is what I think gives this chef’s knife the perfect balance.

Since this knife is a made out of a one-piece stainless steel that has been forged, pieces of food will not get stuck to it as it is easy to clean. The edge of the knife has been said to be extremely sharp and with the weight, it has been known to slices through vegetables or poultry by just gliding it across.

The Shun Chef’s Knife

The Japanese made this chef knife very easy on the eyes. It has a Damascus Steel look to the blade which is created when the stainless steel blade is cladded with 32 layers of stainless alloy. This makes the blade much more durable but the blade has been said to be thinner than normal western knives. However, the edge has been sharpened up to 16 degrees on each side which is much sharper than normal western knives.

Check out here:

Moreover, the handle of the knife is also unique. The glossy finish on the PakkaWood handle made me doubt to comfort of it but many did not complain about it. In fact they seem to like the shape of the handle. Similar to the Wusthof, the blade is connected to the handle which is also easy to clean and maintain.

The Decision

I have made my decision to purchase the Shun Classic Chef Knife. Since I’ve been using German Knives my entire life, I chose to buy something different and experiment with when it arrives. Through the raving reviews, I hope I made the right decision.

Shopping for a new cookware set

I am the last born in my family and for as long as I can remember, I have had most things done for me. For instance, when I was moving out, my mother insisted on helping me pack everything I needed. She stayed up for hours helping me pack all my things away and labeled all the boxes so that it would be easy for me to find everything when unpacking.

A few days after I was done unpacking everything, my mother dropped by to take me shopping for a new cookware set. It was the only thing I was missing in my new home. Since she arrived earlier than expected, we decided to check on the top 5 best cookware sets in order to have a rough idea of how much we would have to spend. We checked different online stores and we were amazed at all the available options. How on earth would we choose one out of so many options? My mother suggested reading the cookware set reviews to find out what different users thought about the different sets.

We choose the highest rated cookware sets within our budget and started reading one review after another. By the time we were done, there are three cookware sets that stood out the most for us. These include; Vremi 15- Piece Non-stick cookware set, Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set and Farberware High-Performance 17-Piece non-stick set. These cookware sets had amazing reviews and the great thing about them was the fact that they were really affordable. We ended up purchasing the Farberware High-performance 17-piece non-stick set because it had more pieces and many users liked the fact that it was easy to clean. I am not a big fan of washing dishes so I knew this was the right set for me. I got the best cookware and I didn’t even have to leave my house.

Best Utility Knife


Why You Should Also Consider Utility Knife As Your Main Kitchen Tools

A utility knife is a great beginner’s knife if you’re just starting to familiarise yourself around the kitchen or if you’re recommending it to your friends. People often ignore this knife because if you have a paring knife or a kitchen knife, I don’t see why you need to use another medium sized utility knife.

However, a utility knife can be considered as an all-purpose knife. It can be use for cutting vegetables, preparing chickens as well as peeling fruits. Basically, it saves up your time from using a chef’s knife and a paring knife for an individual task. Based on my own experience of using many utility knives, three of them made a lasting impression on me.


Shun Classic 6” Utility Knife

Shun Classic 6” Utility Knife

If you’ve never heard the brand ‘Shun’, it is fine. The Shun knife looks very attractive and professional as it is made up of hardened Japanese steel cutting core which is then cladded with 33 layers of stainless steel. It has a very thin blade and the handle is made up of PakkaWood which is connected to the blade. It gives effortless slicing through meat especially.





J.A. Henckels Classic 6” Utility Knife

J.A. Henckels Classic 6” Utility Knife

The shape of this utility knife is very symmetrical and it’s very flexible to use. Each of my family members have different sizes of hands and I have yet to hear them complain while using this particular knife. I feel that this knife gives me a well-balanced feeling and it is also corrosion resistant. Even though the knife doesn’t need sharpening, I do sharpen it once a year to maintain it’s condition as I do to all my knives.





Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

I was a bit hesitant to try out this knife because I’ve never used a Serrated knife before. Now, this knife’s blade is made out of high-carbon stainless steel. I’ve always had a problem with slicing a thin slice of tomatoes. However, this knife did the job for me. The handle is also comfortable to hold  on if you’re using it for longer period.





My Opinion

Personally, I recommend purchasing the J.A. Henckels Classic 6” Utility Knife because it has made me very happy throughout these 4 years of using them.

Thursday Tips: My Spring Cleaning

If you’re new ’round here, welcome! Every Thursday we link up with some special industry pros to bring you a post chock full of tips to keep you on top of your game. If you’re a bride to me and missed last week’s post, jump over, you won’t want to miss it! And don’t forget to visit my other friends listed at the bottom of this post who are also sharing Thursday Tips!

As promised, this week is ALL about Spring cleaning. For those of you who don’t get to experience spring in April, hang in there! I’m sure warmer days are just around the corner for you. For everyone else, can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that the sunshine has returned? I just love being able to work with the windows open!

Alright, enough day dreaming, let’s get to it!

Spring seems to light a little fire in all of us that it’s time not only to dust the cobwebs off of our beach gear but it’s also time to get our house feeling fresh, clean and ready for the warmer days! I’ve got some simple tips to help you get going this Spring.

{one} Lemons. I could end the post after this one tip because lemons are just that good. I use them EVERYWHERE when I clean. For instance :: If my dishes need a little sprucing up and the normal scrubby isn’t doing it, I half a lemon, sprinkle a little baking soda on the fruit and use it to scrub the dishes followed by the countertops. AND don’t you dare throw lemon peelings away! Put them in your disposal and run it with a little hot water for an instant kitchen refresh! So handy!

{two} Shark it! My house is 90% tile flooring so mopping is a beast. My life was forever changed the day we got a Shark pocket steamer. If you have any type of hard surface flooring, I highly recommend this product. No sticky residue, no strong smells, just straight up clean. I do dab a bit of lemon essential oil on the cleaning pad when I use it to fill my home with a fresh scent to go with the fresh feel since there are no cleaning solutions used with the Shark. It truly is a lifesaver.

{three} FlyLady. Overwhelmed? I know the feeling. The best thing to remember about cleaning is that the house didn’t get dirty all in one day so it doesn’t make sense to clean it all in one day. Enter Fly Lady. No nonsense advice that gets you to a clean house and keeps you there. I don’t follow Fly Lady daily but any time I find myself overwhelmed with where my house is, I plug into the site, follow the steps, and get back on top of things. I know multiple people that follow the Fly Lady program religiously and, let me just tell you, I love going to their houses. Not just because they are always clean, but because they are comfortably clean… you following me? There was no rushing around, stuffing things in drawers, and lighting a million candles in hopes that no one notices the protruding clothes hamper. It’s balanced and managed.

Alright friends, I hope these tips get you off to a great spring cleaning start! I’d love to hear you chime in with cleaning tips of your own so leave them in the comments!

Amazing Kitchen Knife Sets

Kitchen knife sets are important if you want to be a great cook. There are many different kinds of sets out there, some are better than others, and some come at a good price. Let’s take a look at some kitchen knife sets that are on sale.

Knife Set 1

The first knife set is the hecef Ceramic Knife Set. This set is on amazon, and its original price was 41 dollars. The price got cut down to 21 dollars, which seems like a good deal. The knives in the set are ceramic, so the blade is made from clay. It gives the knives more precision when you cut them.

The set also comes with a peeler and a knife sharpener; it does not hurt to get some extra items with a knife set. It also comes with covers for the knives so that they do not get dull.

Knife Set 2

The second knife set is the Cuisinart Advantage, which comes in 12 parts. There are six knives that come with six covers. Each knife is a different knife that comes in a different color. This could be good to identify what knife is what just by looking at the handle.

The knives themselves are stainless steel. They have a non-stick coating on them so that food does not get stuck on them. This knife set is at 17 dollars on Amazon. The Cuisinart Advantage is a very colorful knife set, to say the least.

Knife Set 3

The last knife set is the Premium 6 Piece Ceramic Knife Set. This knife set was at 89 dollars, then it got cut down to 22 dollars on Amazon. The set comes with 6 knives and a peeler, and the knives themselves have ceramic blades, which are germ resistant and rust proof. The knives are lightweight so cutting is made easy. This knife set comes at a good price with some great qualities.

All three of these knife sets are on sale at a good price. They offer some handy qualities that will help with cooking and prep food. Knife set 1 is probably the best to get out of these three because it comes with knives, peeler, and the knife sharpener. It offers more at a reasonable cost.